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Freedom Bound - Chapter 1
In winter nights, the streets of Zootopia were filled with a cold air that could chill anyone to their bones; and that's outside of Tundratown. Not many were out in this part of town. A lone tiger waited on a bus stop, trying to lit a cigar; but the sound of metal against metal caught his attention.
Looking down the street, a peculiar sight greeted his eyes.
A black bird with white feathers in the wings and neck, wearing nothing but chains that seemed to constrict every few steps. The bird walked through the street, cursing under his breath as he stumbled yet again. Standing up in shaky legs he reassumed his march, the end of the chains floating after him.
"Good night," he greeted the tiger as he walked past the bus stop, vanishing in the darkness of the street.
The feline just looked on increduously. What kind of bird was that?
His musings where interrupted when he finally managed to get his lighter to work.
Sebastian was a tired fox. A lifetime of prejudice would do
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Freedom Bound - Prologue
It never was, and it will never be
She ran.
"Predators are evil! We all know that! This city was founded under the dream of reaching harmony between predator and prey! But Time and time again they've shown us that harmony is a foolish dream! Their savagery, their thirst for blood, it hadn't faded away! Their oppression over us grows with each generation! Zootopia can't live up to its name with them in control! NO PREY CAN LIVE IN SAFETY WITH PREDATORS FREE TO DO AS THEY WISH! Will we be meek and submissive?! Will we let them take and take and take until we have no security, no homes, no family, not even our very lives?! OR WILL WE RISE AGAINST THEIR OPPRESSION AND SHOW THEM OUR STRENGTH?!"
Clamors and roars answered, the masses rallied by the young, vengeful deer.

This wasn't what she wanted!
The predators that ruled both the city and its underworld were tyrants in all but name, and not a single day passed where blood wasn't spilled on the streets. She wanted revenge for
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Commission: Bagan by julian0123 Commission: Bagan :iconjulian0123:julian0123 3 9 Fallenverse: Cellphone by julian0123 Fallenverse: Cellphone :iconjulian0123:julian0123 0 0 Gift for KHXhero by julian0123 Gift for KHXhero :iconjulian0123:julian0123 1 5 El Bromista by julian0123 El Bromista :iconjulian0123:julian0123 6 28 Happy Birthday, Lisa! by julian0123 Happy Birthday, Lisa! :iconjulian0123:julian0123 3 10 The Guardian of the Timeline by julian0123 The Guardian of the Timeline :iconjulian0123:julian0123 5 18
The Guardians' Heirs - Chapter 6
Arc 2: Alliances
Ayana was having the worst week of her life. 
First, they had fought their way out of a heavily guarded (and probably illegal) facility. Then, they got lost in the wilderness for three days. After finding civilization, they were recognized and forced to flee... Getting lost yet again. Two days later, they found a small town... where MONARCH soldiers were waiting for them. Ayana acted as bait to buy the others time to escape. 
She fought with the Valkyries in an aerial battle for an hour before somehow managing to elude the soldiers and fly away... getting lost for the third time. 
Her wings beat slowly, emitting a small trail of flames as she did; Ayana had no idea how she was doing that, nor how to stop it. 
Her wounds and exhaustion caught up to her and teh Transmutant fell to the ground; luckily, she was flying only a few feet over the tallgrass, and the vegetation softened her fall a little. She slid on the ground, trails of fla
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Godzilla (Segunda Forma) by julian0123 Godzilla (Segunda Forma) :iconjulian0123:julian0123 3 2 Mothra (Larva) by julian0123 Mothra (Larva) :iconjulian0123:julian0123 1 0
Bonus Chapter: Discord on the Job
Six months after the incident in Trotkyo.
Discord was walking through the wilderness of Neighpon, bored out of his mind.
That was one of the greatest dangers of being immortal; when you have all the time on the world, when you have seen it all, how do you fight monotony?
He had discovered that a good dose of chaos on these boring, can’t-work-without-magic lands was a good way to do it.
Of course, he couldn’t do anything too big; in this period, his past self was still a handsome statue on Canterlot. ‘Note to self, make those two idiots pay, and turn the Bearers into butterflies for a day. Yeah, that will be funny… in a few years.’
The Spirit of Chaos shrugged while making a bunch of flowers uproot themselves and dance away in search of a place with more light. ‘Meh, I can wait. This is more important than my revenge.
Now, he just had to find MONARCH’s headquarters. If the information he got out of that architect last
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Dragonoid by julian0123 Dragonoid :iconjulian0123:julian0123 6 4
El Remanente - Cap. Final
Costa del Pacífico – un día después
15 megatones.
El poder de la bomba que explotó a poco menos de un kilómetro de los kaiju.
Realmente fue una explosión espectacular. La energía liberada fue incluso suficiente para repeler la proyección astral de las Bestias Guardianes.
Acorazado como era, Menel logró evitar ser desintegrado; pero la fuerza y el poder abrumador de la bomba fueron demasiado para el anciano kaiju.
Tras unos segundos de dolor interminable, todo terminó para él.
Gojira fue quemado vivo; si no fuera por su factor curativo (que la energía pura de la bomba sobrecargó mientras lo golpeaba constantemente como si fuera un océano de fuego) hubiera compartido el destino de Menel.
Y deseaba hacerlo.
Su mundo ya no era más que dolor; se arrastraba hacia las aguas, en busca de las frías profundidades. Era lo único que lo podía ayudar.
Ya no era más que un montón
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El Remanente - Cap. 4
Bestias Guardianes
"Oigan, vengan a ver esto."
"¿Qué pasa, Baragon?"
"No lo puedo creer…"
"¿Y el otro de dónde salió?"
"A mí no me pregunten, ni siquiera sé quién es."
"¿Qué está pasando?"
"Dos criaturas rodeadas por un ejército. ¿Qué te parece que está pasando?"
"Esto no tiene que terminar en una pelea, Tempestas-"
"¿CUÁNDO no termina en pelea, Mothra?"
"…. No tiene que."
"A diferencia de ti, yo sí he estado en combate antes. Créeme, pelearán."
"Tenemos que hacer algo, Battra."
"Observaremos; ya sabes que no intervenimos a menos que de verdad sea necesario."
"Sin peros, Mothra. Nuestro deber es proteger al mundo de cualquier amenaza. Gojira es una en potencia, pero no es lo bastante grave para que hagamos algo. Si terminan
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El Remanente - Cap 3
Después de deshacerme de los pequeños, deambulé por días mientras mis heridas se curaban. Descansé en más de un río para calmar el fuego en mí, y luchar contra el dolor que me invadía fuera de las aguas.
Atrás dejé el verde y las montañas, llegando a las arenas que se extendían hasta el horizonte. Podías oler lo seco que era el lugar.
Nada de agua para apagar mi fuego.
Oh, no. No iba a entrar ahí. Podría caminar en la tierra, pero mi hogar eran las aguas. No iba a entrar a un mundo tan seco.
Seguí hacia el norte, por el límite entre la arena y la hierba, buscando a mi supuesto enemigo.
¿Serían los pequeños?¿Tenía que luchar contra ellos otra vez? Esperaba que no; sus ataques de verdad dolían. Y si usaban esa luz otra vez-
No. No.
Me detuve, respirando agitadamente. El fuego crecía mientras recordaba el dolor.
No pienses en eso
:iconjulian0123:julian0123 2 7
Trataré de no tardar mucho tiempo en subir dibujos o historias... pero con mi pereza, no prometo nada.

I'll try to not take too long in submitting pictures or stories... but with my laziness, I don't promise anything.

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I was absent this last week, due to... well... six weeks ago, my grandmother fell and broke her hip, needing an operation to recover the use of her leg. Being 80, it was complicated to do so. Though she came out well from the operation, she was bedridden since then, improving and worsening and going in and out of surgery.

She passed away last sunday.

Before anyone asks, I'm ok; just depressed. Time will heal this, so don't you guys worry.

Estuve ausente esta última semana debido a que... bueno... hace seis semanas, mi abuela se cayó y se rompió la cintura, necesitando una operación para recuperar el uso de su pierna. Teniendo 80 años, era complicado operarla. Aunque la operación salió bien, tuvo que quedar en cama, mejorando y empeorando y entrando y saliendo de terapia.

Falleció el domingo pasado.

Antes de que alguien pregunte, estoy bien; sólo deprimido. El tiempo lo curará, así que no se preocupen.
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